SIGGreen 2011 Virtual Workshop

On Nov 4th, SIGGreen conducted 10 sessions testing five collaboration tools over a 24 hour period . Thanks to all who participated from around the world in the SIGGreen Virtual Workshop last Friday. It was most productive and enjoyable. The workshop confirmed the commitment in the SIGGreen bylaws that “ In conducting its activities, SIGGreen will aim to be environmentally responsible and encourage the AIS to do likewise.” The more we use technologies to support the activities of groups like SIGGreen we can reduce our need for so much expensive, time-consuming and carbon-intensive travel. Despite the challenges of different time-zones we held lively chats on Facebook, discussed the ground breaking work on Energy Informatics using Google, thrashed our issues on the Green IS Statement using Zing, and held meetings on Elluminate and a 30-day free trial of the corporate version to Gotomeeting. We learnt a lot that we are still digesting for example the engaging nature of Facebook compared with the formalities of Gotomeeting; the richness of audio v the easy of texting. If The SIGGreen committee would welcome any comments, suggestions or questions from the wider IS community on how we can continue this endeavour.