Call for Papers 17th Americas Conference on Information Systems August 4-7, 2011, Detroit, MI, USA

Track: Information System for Sustainability and Global Competitiveness

Mini-Track Title: IS in Support of Environmental Sustainability: Towards a Roadmap for SIGGreen

Mini-Track co-chairs:

Associate Professor Catherine Dwyer
Pace University
Seidenberg School of CS & IS

163 William Street #225
New York, NY 10038
E-mail: cdwyer [AT] pace[dot]edu
Associate Professor Helen Hasan

Information Systems
Faculty of Commerce
University of Wollongong
Wollongong 2522, Australia
E-mail: hasan[AT]uow[dot]edu[dot]au
+61 2 42213757
Environmental issues present enormous challenges that are of global concern and therefore are now the responsibility of everyone, including the Information Systems (IS) profession who can play a prominent in meeting these challenges. The message of SIGGreen of the Association for Information Systems, is that IS can play a significant role in the global green agenda through research, education, practice and community engagement. Green IS spans the dual responsibilities of the IS profession to both reduce its own impact on the environment and to use its particular expertise to enable others to do so. As indicated by the list of topics below, Green IS tackles a much larger problem than Green IT which focuses mainly on energy efficiency and equipment utilization. IS can play a key role in making organizations and communities more sustainable while at the same reducing the negative environmental impact of IS and associated IT infrastructure. SIGGreen as an environmentally responsible organization aims to this itself, to encourage AIS to do likewise and to provide information so that all members of the IS profession can help the “greening” of their own institutions.
The purpose of this track is to advance theoretical and practical knowledge in this emerging domain and to gain a better understanding of current industry initiatives and academic research being conducted on the role of IS in the sustainability of all human enterprises. Hence submissions of high quality papers are sought that report on empirical research and case studies, assess critical Issues or undertake theory development, including but not limited to following topics:

  • IS facilitating and monitoring systems
  • The role of IS in sustainability reporting
  • IS for the management of environmental risks
  • IS for sustainable supply chain management
  • IS for the management of green initiatives
  • Innovation in Green IS
  • Greener ways of working
  • Meeting virtually, traveling less
  • Optimising Processes for lower energy use and emissions
  • Green BPM
  • Green Project Management
  • Green HCI
  • Theories and methods applied in Green IS initiatives
  • Sustainability and Green IS themes in the IS curriculum
  • Embedding and teaching sustainability concepts and practice in Information Systems programs and courses
  • Case studies: companies and organizations using Green IS and Green IT to support sustainable business practices
  • Lifecycle analyses of IS resources
  • Using IS to sustain Green IT
  • Consumer and practitioner awareness and response to green computing

Contributions sought

We seek full research papers, research in progress, and teaching cases.

Important deadlines:

Deadline for paper submissions: February 28, 2011
Notification of Acceptance: April 4, 2011
Final Copy Due: April 25, 2011