SIGGreen meeting at AMCIS in Detroit

Friday, August 5, 2011, from 6 - 7 pm
Room location: Nicolet A on 5th floor

All SIGGreen members and interested observers are welcome.

1) Reminders:
-Sprouts publication of SIGGreen workshop papers can be found here: SIGGreen Proceedings on AIS Sprouts
-Join the SIGGreen group on LinkedIn: LinkedIn SIGGreen Group
-Use #SIGGreen hashtag to label items of interest on Twitter

2) SIGGreen manifesto:
Review of development process and update and status of Manifesto and AIS

3) SIGGreen program of activities for 2011:
- virtual workshop
- pre-ICIS conference
- paper publication
Link to 2011 Program Description: Pre-ICIS2011 Program

Some notes from the meeting:

Discussion on the Statement and ongoing negotiation with AIS on its adoption
Pages have been set up for Virtual Workshop Requirements and Use Cases
Suggestions for online tools to use can be add to Collaboration Tools
Skype worked well to bring in external participants
Suggestion that SIGGreen set up an editorial board to process ongoing submission of papers to Sprouts