SIGGreen Meeting at ICIS2011

Held Monday Dec 5, 5pm


Members to vote to aprove the AIS statement and the Chair to submit to the AIS executive with a covering note on how they deal with it (eg put on the AIS website, send to the UN etc)
A companion explanatory document to be drawn up by the Chair, Past Chair and Chair Elect, then sent to the advisory board before geting a professional to wrtie up as a press-release type document,
Keep using this wiki as a respository of content and links
Continue to use the LinkedIn group for asynchronous discussions and anouncements
Montly Facebook group meetings (or Google+ for targetted synchronous chats)
Aim for Green IS tracks at all major IS conferences
Create a page for links to other organisations similar to SIGGreen
All executive positions to last 2 years.
Sponosrship needed for SIGGreen