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SIGGreen is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Association for Information Systems (AIS). SIGGreen provides a focus for environmentally responsible activities where IS can really make a difference. Here's a brief (1 page) introduction to Green IS.

SIGGreen has a group on LinkedIn and on Facebook.
For current information see our Twitter account: @AIS_SIGGreen.
Proceedings of the SIGGreen program of workshops is available on Sprouts here.

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SIGGreen is an Outstanding SIG of the AIS for 2016.


SIGGreen Awarded Outstanding SIG 2016

A message from the AIS:

SIGGreen has been recognized as a 2016 outstanding SIG -

The Association for Information Systems has named SIGGreen as an outstanding Special Interest Group (SIG)] for the year 2016. This honor is awarded only to AIS Communities that meet the minimum standards that all groups should strive for and exceed.

This year SIGGreen is one of 30 AIS Communities that met the criteria for acknowledgment of being named an outstanding chapter, college or SIG. This honorable recognition serves as motivation for groups to maintain excellent programs, operations, and services that support a successful AIS Community. Criteria for recognition includes: hosting events, workshops, or conference tracks; publishing research; recognizing member achievements; communication and promotion of the group’s activities; effective group operations. All AIS Communities are eligible for recognition each year and are awarded only if they meet the criteria for the award within a single calendar year.

Congratulations SIGGreen members on your valuable work and contributions for calendar year 2016. We hope to grow and deepen this effort, honor and success as we move forward in 2017 and beyond. Let's make this year another in which to be recognized as an Outstanding SIG.

Upcoming Events

SIGGreen Pre-AMCIS 2017 Workshop
Workshop Theme: Sustainability and Innovation: Building a Tradition of Research and Practice

SIGGreen is the AIS Special Interest Group on Green Information Systems. SIGGreen provides a platform for those in our discipline who are concerned with how information systems can help reduce human impact on the natural environment – one of the greatest challenge of your time. SIGGreen recognizes that the Information Systems (IS) discipline can have a central role in creating an ecologically sustainable society because of the field’s five decades of experience in designing, building, deploying, evaluating, managing, and studying information systems to resolve complex problems, SIGGreen’s positions are presented in its Statement on Environmental Change (https://siggreen.wikispaces.com/The+Statement-Manifesto).
The SIGGreen annual meeting and workshop will be held at AMCIS 2017 instead of ICIS because of travel logistics. The Pre-AMCIS 2017 workshop provides a forum for the breadth of sustainability research in IS and thus contributes to further developing this important IS research domain.
We invite papers employing a wide variety of methods. We welcome empirical (qualitative and quantitative), design-oriented and theory development research papers.
Interested authors submit extended abstracts (1-2 pages – see paper template for details) which will be peer-reviewed by at least two expert reviewers. Successful abstracts will be shared with other workshop participants. After the pre-AMCIS workshop, authors are invited to submit a final paper incorporating feedback. Workshop papers will be published as workshop proceedings on AIS Electronic Library (AISeL).
Information about the workshop will be updated at https://siggreen.wikispaces.com/Events

Workshop LocationRoom: Hampton (3rd floor)
Sheraton Boston Hotel
39 Dalton Street
Boston, MA 02199

Important Dates- 19 June 2017: Submission of extended abstracts to: SIGGreen.Submission@gmail.com
- 26 June 2017: Notification of acceptance- 10 August 2017: Workshop- 16 October 2017 (Extended): Submission of full workshop papers for publication on AISeL (optional)
Formatting Requirements for Extended Abstracts- Expected length: 1-2 pages- Use Workshop Template

Formatting Requirements for Full Workshop Papers- Expected length: 12 pages- Use Template Below (required)

Brief Schedule08:00 – 08:30 Morning Coffee and Welcome08:30 – 10:00 Paper Session 110:00 – 10:15 Break10:15 – 11:45 Paper Session 2
11:45 – 12:00 Break12:00 – 12:45 SIGGreen Business Meeting
Full Schedule Link

Workshop Co-Chairs (SIGGreen Executive Board)Chadi Aoun (SIGGreen Past President)Carnegie Mellon Universitychadi@cmu.edu

Pratyush Bharati (SIGGreen President Elect)University of Massachusetts, BostonPratyush.Bharati@umb.edu

Stefan Seidel (SIGGreen President)University of Liechtensteinstefan.seidel@uni.li

Head of Arrangements CommitteeLeona Chandra Kruse (SIGGreen Secretary) University of Liechtenstein

Formatting Requirements for Extended Abstracts