2012 Program and Prec-ECIS Workshop

SIGGreen 2012 Program: Virtual Event and Pre-ECIS2012 Workshop Barcelona

You can view the presentations on YouTube through this link: SIGGreen Pre-ECIS Presentations

Green IS for Sustainability in Education, Research and Practical Solutions

(ECIS2012 is being held in Barcellona, Spain from June 10-13, 2012, see http://www.ecis2012.eu/ )

Workshop Chairs:

A/Prof Cathy Dwyer, Pace University NY, SIGGreen Chair
A/Prof Helen Hasan, University of Wollongong, Past SIGGreen Chair
Dr Chadi Aoun, University of Technology, Sydney, SIGGreen Chair Elect

Workshop Plan

Participants are invited to submit Abstracts outlining their position on topics relevant to Green IS as described below. The workshop chairs will assess the Abstracts and invite authors of selected abstracts to participate in a program of events similar to those held by SIGGreen in 2010. Authors will be asked to put up a presentation of their work online where they will be scheduled for discussion at the virtual event. All participants and the IS community will be asked to participate in these discussions. At the ECIS2012 workshop, presenters will give a 10 minute overview of their work followed by audience feedback and discussion. Authors will then be invited to submit a paper to Sprouts incorporating feedback from both the virtual event and the ECIS2012 workshop. These papers will be reviewed and published on Sprouts the AIS e-publishing site http://sprouts.aisnet.org/
Opinion pieces of any length on the future of the SIGGreen Statement (also refered to as the Manefesto) are also welcome.


Abstracts and Submission for the Virtual event due: May 4, 2012
Virtual event May 18, 2012 details in a separate Wiki http://siggreen2012program.wikispaces.com/
ECIS Workshop June10, 2012 (registration details below)
Papers for Sprouts TBA

Submission of Abstracts

To submit your abstract and then your paper go to http://sprouts.aisnet.org/
Sign up as an author select Helen Hasan as "reviewer" and SIGGREEN as "affiliated organization".
After the workshop your Abstract will be returned to you to enable the submission of the full paper for review.
Alterntatively email your contribution to SIGGreenWorkshop@gmail.com

Workshop Registration

To register go to siggreen2012ecisworkshop.eventbrite.com.au
Non SIGGreen members $75
SIGGreen members $50
Student $30


There is universal realisation of the long term effects of human and business activities on the natural environment. Given the pace and magnitude of environmental deterioration, we are all under increasing pressure to engage in ecologically sustainable practices in addition to pursuing economical and social outcomes. In this context, SIGGreen, a Special Interest Group of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) was formed. The impact and the role of Information Systems (IS) in ecological sustainability have emerged as critical issues. IS academics and practitioners are presented with opportunities to educate, investigate and provide solutions not only to the problem of reducing the ecological footprint of IS but also how the innovative use of IS can transform and reduce the environmental impact of individuals, organisations and society and thus provide leadership in sustainability. This SIGGreen workshop will explore the development, impact and role of IS in sustainability initiatives.

In 2010 SIGGreen held a program of activities, which included a virtual event and a pre-ICIS2010 Workshop, to which papers on the general topic of Green IS were submitted, presented and published. We used Wikispaces to support this program (see http://siggreen-icis2010-workshop.wikispaces.com/ ) From these a set of core themes were identified to guide and stimulate development of the field of Green IS. In order to continue this process of development we will invite submission of abstract on these themes to the ECIS2012 Workshop leading to papers thatwill be added to the existing SIGGreen Proceedings collection on Sprouts, http://sprouts.aisnet.org/view/organization/SIGGreen.html
Although papers on any topic related to Green IS are welcome authors are encouraged to address the themes listed on the SIGGreen Wiki in the navigation panel on the left