A meeting time for the SIG has been arranged at AMCIS2010 in Lima for the evening of Friday August 13 after the end of the scheduled sessions from 6-7pm. The location is the INKA IV Room at the Swissotel. Please come. You can tick a box to attend when you register for AMCIS. We should also arrange virtual participation for those not attending the conference.
This meeting will confirm the ByLaws and the interim committee. It will also discuss future planning for the SIG.
1. The Bylaws – approve and forward to AIS
2. Discuss - aims, committee structures, elections, annual meeting, activities
3. Committee Past President, President, President Elect, Administrative Officer, Webmaster, Events? Nomination from interim committee
4. Advisory Board or Reference Group (Tribal Elders) – Advisors, Advocates, etc
5. Elections – Follow process in Bylaws – nominations by ICIS, elections 2011
6. Interim Committee meetings?
7. Budget –$180 from members fees – need to recruit members
8. Web-presence
9. Upcoming events
a. “Green” Virtual and Pre-ICIS Workshop, Publication, Sprouts
b. ECIS track
c. ?????
10. Other Business

Can we use the discussion on this page or regular emails to decide which of these should be the formal annual meeting?