Here is a space to collect information about what is happening within Green IS and related issues in the education sector.

Sustainability and Information Systems
A course developed and coordinated by Chadi Aoun at the University of Technology Sydney:

Green IS Tutorial
Tutorial developed by Jan Recker (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia) and held at the 22nd Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2016) in San Diego

Organizations increasingly recognize that environmental sustainability is an
urgent problem. Information systems are meant to be a key resource in
assisting individuals, organizations, governments, and societies to become
more environmentally sustainable. But as technological artefacts, information
systems are also contributing to environmental degradation. This dialectic
signifies some of the complexities surrounding the development and use of
information systems for environmental sustainability, which has led to the
inception of the Green IS research theme in the IS discipline. Researchers in
Green IS have started to systematically explore the role that information
systems might play but the knowledge to date remains emergent and nascent.
This tutorial will introduce Green IS as the research stream concerned with the
development and use of information systems for environmental sustainability.
We will explore the relevance and characteristics of environmental
sustainability, the current state of knowledge in Green IS and open research
questions and approaches.