SIGGreen Meeting at ECIS2010


Despite problems with technology and timing, SIGGreen has been discussed with the following decisions:
ByLaws - no major changes are needed. Minor updates need to be done to the Bylaws (see items with ?? in the document )
Annual Meeting - from 2011 this should be held in conjunction with ICIS, but this year 2010 it will be held at AMCIS in Lima to get the SIG formed ASAP. Also there are a substantial number of papers being presented in the Green IS Track and so there will be a good presence of members,
An Interim committee has been formed that will call for nominations for the elected positions
An Advisory Committee is being formed.
A webmanager has volunteered
A Pre-ICIS event will be organised - see suggestion on the Suggestions for SIGGreen Events page
Meanwhile -
if you are an AIS member please join the SIG
if you are going to AMCIS register for the SIGGreen meeting - it is free
if you want to be able to contribute to this Wiki please apply to join

The first opportunity for members of SIGGreen and interested IS people to meeting is at ECIS2010 June 7-9 in South Africa.
There is a need to hold discussions on the draft bylaws (put up in this wiki), set up an interim committee, and exploring innovative and environmentally responsible ways of furthering the work of the SIG.
The draft bylaws circulated earlier are mainly based on those of other SIGS of AIS. There are some routine items for discussion such as the makeup of the committee, election of office bearers, schedule of meetings etc.
At the suggestion of many there is an added item (c) of the Scope “In conducting its activities, SIGGreen will aim to be environmentally responsible and encourage the AIS to do likewise” to which we should pay particular attention.
In respect of this, we suggest before, during and after the conference we could experiment among ourselves in the use of IS to further this aim. In doing so we could build up a body of knowledge on managing the SIG, planning, decision-making and holding events with both face-to-face and online participants. Outcomes can be implemented for AMCIS2010 in August, leading to a formal adoption at ICIS2010 in December.
Some of the other pages of this wiki are here to support this and we welcome ideas and suggestions for preconference discussions, during the conference bringing in those not at the conference and follow up after the conference. Just to see when we interact during the ECIS the table below of time difference might help. To check the time difference between Pretoria and your location check the World Clock Time Calculator.

Conference dates June 7-9, 2010, URL:

ECIS 2010 indicative times
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