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*November Virtual Event and Pre-ICIS2013 Workshop, December 14 in Milan*

SIGGreen 2013 Pre-ICIS Program Page is now here

3rd ERCIS VIRTUAL IS SEMINAR / Call for Participation

Connect your IS seminar to a global virtual seminar, having your students cooperating on challenging IS topics with students around the globe.

Next course to join: Winter term 2013/2014, October 2013 to January 2014
Sign up til: September 15 2013

The seminar connects students from different IS Schools worldwide to work together on joint seminar papers using a virtual collaboration environment. This addresses two major learning experiences:

1) Get trained in virtual intercultural communication: Every student team is set up internationally, in that there are no two team members from the same university; they are all split up over multiple groups. Students use collaboration tools free of their choice to accomplish a joint seminar work over the semester.
2) Study exciting IS research topics: This year's topic is envisioning future forms of customer-oriented communication and collaboration. The seminar is integrated with the 2014 Hilti IT Innovation Competition and students can win trips to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Tulsa Oklahoma (USA) or Schaan (Liechtenstein).

- Registration open till: September 15 2013
- Student's profile: Master students in IS and related studies
- Term: Winter 2013/2014; September/October 2013 to January/February 2014


SIGGreen Elections

In accordance with the SIGGreen bylaws, the Chair serves a two year term. As of July 1, 2013, Dr. Cathy Dwyer became the Past Chair of SIGGreen, and Dr. Chadi Aoun became the Chair. His term will run from July 2013 to July 2015. As Past Chair, Dr. Dwyer will continue to serve on the Executive Committee.

The position of Chair-Elect is now open. The person filling this position will take over as Chair on July 1, 2015.
In addition, two other positions are currently unfilled, that of Secretary and Treasurer. All SIGGreen members in good standing (dues are current) are eligible to serve.

Dr. Stefan Seidel (see attached
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), an active participant in many SIGGreen activities, has agreed to run as a candidate for Chair-Elect. Dr. Seidel is Assistant Professor at the Martin HILTI Chair of Business Information Systems and Business Process Management, at the Institute of Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein.

Helen Hasan is serving as the Nominations Chair for the upcoming election. If you are interested in running for any of these three positions, please contact Helen Hasan via email ASAP. Nominations for these positions must be submitted by July 31, 2013. An election (if necessary) will take place after the nominations period has closed.

CFP: Green IS and Sustainability Track at ACIS 2013
A Green IS and Sustainability Track will be included in ACIS 2013, to be held on the RMIT campus in Melbourne, Australia, Dec. 4 - 6th.
SIGGreen members and Green IS researchers are encouraged to review the track and consider submitting papers to the conference.
Paper due date: July 26th
Suggested topics:
  • Theories and methods applied to Green IS and IT research
  • Case studies of Green IS and IT
  • Energy Informatics
  • The use of IS to change human behaviors towards sustainable business practices
  • Intra-organisational and cross-organisational Green IS and sustainability initiatives.
  • Collaboration among a wide-spectrum of sustainability stakeholders enabled by IS.
  • IS in support of environmental sustainability
  • IS in support of social and economic sustainability
  • IS to support sustainable global competitiveness
  • Lifecycle assessment of e-billing, videoconferencing, teleworking
  • The ecological value of virtualisation, cloud computing, and software as a service
  • The design, implementation, and use of IS to reduce organizations’ environmental impact
  • Issues surrounding the assessment and measurement of information systems sustainability
  • Sustainable development in developing countries
  • Cross-cultural, social, and global aspect of Green IS.

The ACIS 2013 conference link is:
The Green IS and Sustainability track link is:;ID=72tcpydh6jdr
The general call for papers:;ID=5ukac400j6id

SIGGreen Green IS Track at AMCIS 2013
SIGGreen will be running four sessions as part of a Green IS Track at AMCIS 2013 in Chicago, IL.
For more information see the AMCIS website:

Information Systems Journal CfP on Green IS
Information Systems Journal Special Issue on:
Information Systems addressing the Challenges of Environmental Sustainability
Special Issue Guest Editors
Robert M Davison (City University of Hong Kong) - Steve Elliot (University of Sydney) -
Jane Webster (Queens University) -

Call: Empirical research on Information Systems addressing the challenges of environmental sustainability
Submission deadlines: December 15, 2012 (initial). August 15, 2013 (final).

SIGGreen at ICIS 2012: Business Meeting
Held Monday, December 17th at 6 pm, in room Crystal CD

SIGGreen at AMCIS 2013:
SIGGreen's track for AMCIS 2013, “Green IS and Sustainability,” has five mini-tracks.
All Green IS researchers are encouraged to support SIGGreen by submitting a paper to one of our mini-tracks:
"Green, Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Tourism Practices and the Role of Information Technologies"
"Information Systems for Sustainable Business Activities and Supply Chains"
"Green-IS for Sustainability in Inter-Organizational Networks"
"IS Applications for Electric Mobility and the Smart Grid"
"Sustainability, Organizations, and Green Information Systems"
The full description of the SIGGreen AMCIS 2013 Track and mini-tracks can be found here.
Electronic Markets CfP on Smart Energy
Special Issue on "Smart Energy: Building Business Models, Best Practices, and Theories”
Guest Editors: Johann Kranz, University of Goettingen (Germany) Lutz M. Kolbe, University of Goettingen (Germany),
Chulmo Koo, Kyung Hee University (South Korea), Marie-Claude Boudreau, University of Georgia (United States)
Theme: Electronic Markets calls for submissions for a special issue on smart energy focusing on the use, infusion, and impact of Information Systems (IS) and Information Technologies (IT)for increasing the efficiency and sustainability of energy production and consumption.
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SIGGreen at AMCIS 2013: Call for Minitrack Proposals
SIGGreen first full track at AMCIS 2012 was a great success. SIGGreen will again run a track for AMCIS 2013, entitled “Green IS and Sustainability.”
We ask all members and supporters to consider submitting a SIGGreen mini-track proposal for AMCIS 2013, to be held in Chicago, IL.
You can submit proposals here. The deadline for minitrack proposals is October 18th, 2012.
The full description of the SIGGreen AMCIS 2013 Track is available here.
AMCIS 2012 Business Meeting, Saturday, August 11, 5-6 PM

SIGGreen 2012 Pre-ECIS Workshop

June 10, 2012, in Barcelona, Spain
You can view the presentations on YouTube through this link: SIGGreen Pre-ECIS Presentations

2012 Program and Pre-ECIS2012 Workshop

Program Details

A program of activities, similar to those conducted in 2010/1 leading up to ICIS is happening in conjunction with ECIS2012.

Earlier posts:

Vote on SIGGreen Statement on Environmental Change
Dec. 2011 vote results:
motion passes
36 yes (90%), 3 no (8%), 1 abstain (2%)
SIGGreen members: check your email for link to vote on AIS Statement: The Statement-Manifesto
LISDAR 2012 - Liechtenstein Congress on Sustainable Development and Responsible Investing
From Jan vom Brocke
may I kindly draw your attention to this upcoming event in the field of sustainability research: the Liechtenstein Congress on Sustainable Development and Responsible Investing. One day of the congress will particularly be dedicated to the field of Information Systems: May 4, Responsible Business and Information Systems.
LISDAR 2012 - Liechtenstein Congress on Sustainable Development and Responsible Investing
2. - 4. Mai 2012, Universität Liechtenstein

Meeting at ICIS2011, Monday evening, 5-6pm Dec 5

Location -5D (Shanghai International Convention Center) - Meeting Notes

About SIGGreen

Environmental issues present enormous challenges that are of global concern and therefore are now the responsibility of everyone. As a consequence of this, those of us in the field of Information Systems (IS) have a role to play in meeting these challenges. The field of Information Systems has the understanding and expertise to be central to a broad range of climate change solutions and over recent months there has been growing emergence of ‘Green IS’ activities. As members of the Association for Information Systems (AIS), we aim to provide a focus for environmentally responsible activities where IS can really make a difference.
Through SIGGreen, we are interested in studying the use of virtual collaboration tools, both for the purpose of supporting Green initiatives, and for discovering best practices for virtual collaboration. We are currently exploring partnerships with providers of virtual collaboration technology to support SIGGreen's access to these tools.
We are looking for support in the form of access to videoconferencing/web streaming tools that will allow us to conduct virtual SIGGreen meetings to coincide with established information systems conferences. These will include the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), The America’s Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), the Asia Pacific Conference on Information Systems (PACIS) and the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) where we have run Tracks related to the Green IS theme.
We anticipate that in future at these meetings, members attending the conference will gather locally and connect virtually with other members of SIGGreen. We therefore envision virtual collaboration as both a tool for developing global initiatives for SIGGreen, as well as a way for SIGGreen to model methods to minimize carbon impacts through technology.

AMCIS 2012 SIGGreen Track: Green IS: Building Programs and Designing Curricula

SIGGreen is supporting five mini-tracks at AMCIS 2012 in Seattle, WA.
We encourage SIGGreen members to submit papers on their latest research. Due date is Mar-1. Here
are the SIGGreen mini-tracks:
Smart Grid Technologies
IS Enabled Eco-Collaboration
Information Systems for Sustainable Business Practices and their Organizational Adoption
Green IT: Enhancing Economic and Environmental Sustainability in Organizations
Green Business Process Management - How Can Organisations Become More Sustainable in Their Operations?